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Profiler outside contour

The GMS-P generates a digital image (Digital Twin) of the outer contour of profiles and pipes.

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Measurably precise

This is where outer values count

In addition to recording pipes with constant bending radii, free-form bent pipes can also be precisely measured and documented. The measuring system is ideally suited for use in quality assurance and for correcting bending data.

Digitaler Nutzen gemessener Daten

Digital benefits of measured data

The final digitization and dimensional control before delivery is an essential benefit of the GMS-P. In addition, it is also possible to monitor or, if required, regulate adjustment processes and/or calibration processes in earlier production steps.

Industrietaugliche Implementierung

Implementation for industrial applications

The design of the GMS-P is impressive, among other things, due to the use of materials with low temperature expansion. Only in this way can highly accurate and time-stable measurement results be generated in combination with intelligent compensation algorithms, especially for pipes with diameters greater than 1600 mm.

The unique inline calibration system allows the cameras to be calibrated fully automatically during runtime. This way, any corrections can be performed simply by accessing or deleting.

Mechanische Adaptierbarkeit

Mechanical adaptability

Inline calibration makes it possible: You do not adapt your production to our GMS-P, but the construction method is specially adapted to your circumstances. This saves effort, but above all costs.


Use case

The combination of our GMS-P with our straightness measurement was realised for a customer in Northern Italy. This configuration allows the straightness and profile accuracy to be analysed on LSAW pipes up to 2 metres in size.

With the visualisation of your digital data, you always stay on top of things and can use the information for further processing.
Nominal data/ Recipe data
Averaged measurement results

Here, all features are shown as an average value over the entire pipe length.

Edge offset

Corresponds to the sheet edge offset at the location of the weld seam

Weld seam height

Describes the distance between the nominal radius and the weld apex.


Is equivalent to a real tape measure


Difference between minimum and maximum diameter

Maximum outer diameter

Is equivalent to a real caliper measurement

Minimum outer diameter

Is equivalent to a real caliper measurement

Average outer diameter

Best fit outer diameter

Tab selection

It is possible to switch between the 2D-display and a trend curve display.

2D profile display

Display of the cutting profile selected in the 3D view by mouse click

3D display

Representation of the scanned tube surface. The deviations from the nominal diameter are displayed in color.

With the visualisation of your digital data, you always stay on top of things and can use the information for further processing.

Technical data

Application range

  • Digitization
  • Product certification
  • System control
  • Production optimisation on bending machines
  • Production optimisation on welding lines
  • Production optimisation on roll forming machines
  • Production optimisation on Konti lines
  • Machine Learning

Product areas

  • Automotive round pipe
  • Linepipe (LSAW, HSAW, Seamless)
  • Construction pipe
  • Profiled rod products


  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • Titanium
  • a.o.

Integration possibilities

  • Longitudinal transport

Inspection criterions

  • Outer diameter/radius
  • Inner diameter/radius
  • Circumference
  • Ovality
  • Local eccentricity
  • Weld seam height
  • Weld seam width
  • Seam edge offset
  • Peaking vs. Flattening

Measuring speed

  • Up to 1000Hz

Measuring accuracy

  • Up to 50µm


  • Process: PLC
  • Data: SQL


  • Data Sheet (EN)

  • Data Sheet (DE)

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