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Surface Evaluation System

The SES offers the possibility to objectively recognize 3D structures on material surfaces and to evaluate them with regard to specific quality characteristics.

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All-round success

The quality inspector of tomorrow

In the manufacturing process of bar products, the quality of the surface structure is decisive in addition to the cross-sectional geometry. Roughness on drawn profiles, for example, or fine cracks and spalling on cast structures can negatively influence downstream processes or cause complaints. The SES identifies and evaluates the learned defect structures reliably! The self-learning algorithm evaluates the defects as they would be classified by a skilled worker.

Digitaler Nutzen gemessener Daten

Digital benefits of measured data

The IO/NIO evaluations output in the inline process can be used directly to cut out or mark defective areas on the bar material. Furthermore, the SIS is applied in production learning algorithms of our customers to identify the most complex manufacturing relationships.

Industrietaugliche Implementierung

Implementation for industrial applications

The industrial suitability of the SES is not only characterized by the robust mechanical engineering practiced by MSG, but can also be found above all in the intuition of its operation. The SES manages to convince employees through its easy-to-understand presentation of the assessment results. Only when defect evaluations correspond to the opinions of a skilled worker, an inspection system is accepted!

Mechanische Adaptierbarkeit

Mechanical adaptability

Whether profile, round or flat material - we design the SES to fit exactly into your production line. Our know-how in mechanical engineering, acquired since 1998, offers a wide range of solutions.


Use case

For the control of the surface quality of cast aluminum components our system is successfully used by a renowned automotive manufacturer with more than 40 learned defect structures.

With the visualisation of your digital data, you always stay on top of things and can use the information for further processing.
Status display and control of the software
Component and software information
Software log
Detail image view of each camera at the determined component position
Detail error type view of the determined component position
Inspection history of all cameras superimposed over the length
Position pointer for detailed view of a specific part position

With the visualisation of your digital data, you always stay on top of things and can use the information for further processing.

Technical data

Application range

  • Digitization
  • Product certification
  • System control
  • Production optimisation in drawing machines
  • Production optimisation on straightening machines
  • Production optimisation on husking machines
  • Production optimisation on continuous casting machines
  • Machine Learning

Product areas

  • Automotive round pipe
  • Profiled rod products
  • Steel profiles
  • Continuous casting profiles


  • Steel
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
  • a.o.

Integration possibilities

  • Longitudinal transport

Inspection criterions

  • Surface qualities


  • Process: PLC
  • Data: SQL


  • Data Sheet (EN)

  • Data Sheet (DE)


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